Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a pre-requisite program (PRP) for

Food Safety Management System. It outlines the minimum common hygiene and processing requirements

applicable to all food processing establishment and intended as the foundation towards achieving higher

food safety management systems like HACCP and ISO 22000.

There are several guidelines outlining the GMP requirements, e.g.

  1. Design and layout of premises
  2. Supplies of water, air and energy
  3. Management of waste
  4. Equipment suitability and preventive maintenance
  5. Cleaning and sanitation
  6. Management of purchased materials
  7. Pest control
  8. Prevention of cross contamination
  9. Personal Hygiene

Gap analysis is designed to determine the gap between the ideal GMP performance outlined by Ministry of health

Malaysia and PIC/S and the actual GMP performance delivered through the clients’ actual facilities and systems.

Specifically, our consultants will visit the clients’ production facilities and evaluate the structural elements ( Floor

plan, HVAV grade management, lines of movements and etc) as well as the quality assurance infrastructure

( including documentation, QA and quality management systems) .

In the end, a detail report will be generate and complied with the best suit proposal to our client.